Set the right saddle height

Once the right frame size and cranks length is determined, the next important step is to set the saddle

For the nominal saddle height, sit comfortably. Set the saddle high enough so that your heel (with shoes
on) just touches the pedal with your leg comfortably straight, with the pedal at the bottom of the stroke
and with cranks making a line with the seat tube.

To set a nominal saddle height we recommend using the calculator/ trigonometric model and
instructions HERE.

What is the right saddle tilt

The saddle should be adjusted horizontally or tilted slightly forward. For common riding styles, is the
best that the saddle rests in the horizontal position. If you prefer a slight tilt forward (for example, if you
have a handlebars set well below the saddle level), we suggest that the tilt not exceed more than half an
inch (1 cm) at the nose of the saddle.

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